Rabner Allcorn Baumgart & Ben-Asher’s Discrimination Lawsuit Discussed in Bergen Record

This morning, I was quoted in the Bergen Record about a civil rights lawsuit I recently filed against the Borough of Bogota. Police Officer Regina Tasca alleges Bogota, as well as Police Chief John C. Burke, Captain James L. Sepp, Sergeant Robert Piterski, and Patrolman Jerome Fowler discriminated against and harassed her because she is gay and female. Officer Tasca also alleges the defendants retaliated against her because she spoke out about matters of public concern, and objected to violations of law including her objections to their gender and sexual orientation harassment. Officer Tasca’s case was filed in Federal Court in Newark, New Jersey.

As I discussed here last month, Officer Tasca’s case has received significant media attention. Since I wrote that article, her case has been the subject of numerous stories including:

Someone has even started an online petition seeking to Reinstate Officer Regina Tasca.

Bogota is currently holding a disciplinary hearing in which it is trying to fire Officer Tasca. The hearing is scheduled to resume on May 15, 16 and 17. The hearing is taking place at the Bogota Borough Hall, at 375 Larch Avenue, Bogota, New Jersey.

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